Sprinter Computer Board Planning

Project objective: create a board computer for a camper van

Primary Functions: 

  1. Sat-Nav
  2. Reverse camera
  3. Media Player

Secondary Functions:

  1. Proximity sensors
  2. Dash Cam
  3. ECU Interface
  4. Wifi / Satellite connection


  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • 7″ Touchscreen
  • Neo 6M GPS Module
  • x2 USB Camera or
  • future development: ultrasonic sensors, ODB2 Interface, USB HD and Sim module


  • Navit (sat-nav)
  • mplayer or OpenCV (reverse camera)
  • Qt5 – PyQt5 – GUI (software management / Interface)
  • custom code (Python, C/C++)

The project will be installed on board of the Sprinter Campervan (still looking for a good name… ! ) and will be called Navigator, inspired by the movie Flight of the Navigator, 1986.

Some parts have been developed, some still on going, other still on planning. I will post updates and full tutorial for replicate the project.

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