Navigator 2: Install Navit

Navit is a free and open-source car navigation that support for various vector map formats. Is written in C/C++ and can run on a wide range of machines, included Raspberry Pi. Installation: Before start the installation, be sure to have the GPS module connected and working on your Raspberry Pi (previous post). turn on the […]

Navigator 1: Connect GPS Module

Requirements: GY-NEO6MV2 GPS (or other GPS module, IO ports are similar) Raspberry Pi some cables Before start, be sure that the GPS Module is near a window or better outside, indoor could take more time to get the satellite signal or even not signal at all. Connections: GPS Module < – > Raspberry Pi GND […]

Sprinter Computer Board Planning

Project objective: create a board computer for a camper van Primary Functions:  Sat-Nav Reverse camera Media Player Secondary Functions: Proximity sensors Dash Cam ECU Interface Wifi / Satellite connection Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 7″ Touchscreen Neo 6M GPS Module x2 USB Camera or future development: ultrasonic sensors, ODB2 Interface, USB HD and Sim module Software: […]